Waterwall with water film running off

The water flows down on a flood area, E.g. on a wall of glass, acrylic, stainless steel, or natural stone. No splash water canbe caused by the steady flow of water. A wall of water is also very quiet and can be installed space-saving. The waves onthe surface of the flood can drain slowly and quietly or quickly and dynamically depending on the adjusted amount ofwater in both cases, it is a feast for the eyes, especially when additional lighting, which produces fascinating lighting effects on the waves of water.

Such water walls are ideal for permanent installations in private or commercial uses, because you are space-saving, easy care and low maintenance.

You can be used as a room divider or media with single-sided or double-sided flow or be placed space-saving directly to awall than wall fountains.

The advantages of this technology:

intriguing optical effect
low maintenance
no splash
low-noise operation
different heights possible
Application of your corporate logo as the adhesive foil or in sand blasting
Interchangeable motifs as a background in water walls of glass
Why buy people water walls?

Looker and eye-catchers = more attention and sales for your business
Well-being = people feel instinctively more comfortable close to running water
Air cleaning = less dust, odors and germs in the air
Humidification = less flu viruses, less dry skin, and happy wood furniture
Feng Shui = water is life energy and symbolizes money

Water walls of glass
Water walls stainless
Water walls made of natural stone

The benefits of water walls

Intriguing optical effect

First of all, one perceives a wall of water over the eyes. The human eye is programmed by the evolution that‘s automaticallyfocused and fast perceives moving objects than other objects in the same field of view. Therefore a water wall getsautomatically much attention and acts as a magnet for attention.

Clear water itself is transparent, and what one actually sees when a wall of water, is the glitter of the ambient light reflectedby the water waves. Therefore, it is important to take into account the light influences in designing a water wall.

Best, a water wall will be lit from the front bottom or top. Are the light sources properly placed, can beautiful light reflections of the water reflected in the environment. A dark background is best suited to form a nice contrast for the light reflections. A light from behind, a bright and white background wall or a bright flood area is unfavorable. The reflections of the water then merge with the background light and you can hardly see that water flows at all.

Water wall as a sales promotion

A wall of water at the store is like a customer magnet, because it attracts attention. It ensures that more customers in thestore comes and stays longer also. This automatically causes that more revenue is generated.

A large wall of water is not only fascinating but also so impressive, especially very successful companies like to place awater wall in the entrance area to create an exclusive and high quality atmosphere. Some architects who create particularlycreative and unusual objects, use a wall of water as a design element.

Spa and wellness facilities take advantage of the relaxing effect of water walls

Ultimately, there is a water wall as a piece of nature. Polls consistently show that water belongs to the most importantterms when it comes to wellness. In other words, they think mostly people at Wellness often directly to water. That’s whywellness hotels in the spa area and in the quiet zone likes use a water wall to create a refreshing and at the same timerelaxing atmosphere for guests. Watching quietly and smoothly flowing waves on a surface binds the attention and lets justcalm down the spirit. Just like listening the sounds of water in a river or stream can have a harmonising effect.


Air cleaning from dirt and odors


Apart from dirt, dust and particulate matter, a wall of water purifies the air by odors. I can illustrate this with 3 examplesfrom the practice that really work:


Verrauchtes foyer was odorless overnight
A company in Kempten has an approx. 10 m² water wall in an approx. 150 m² foyer, was smoking in the at an evening eventstrongly. The next morning, the technician was surprised that absolutely nothing more from the cigarette smoke smell was,even though the room was not ventilated. When he however threw a glance into the water reservoir the water wall, heimmediately recognized, what happened. The water in the water tank with approx. 800 litres capacity was brown-yellowdiscolored i.e. the whole nicotine smoke has dissolved in the water and thereby also the stench in the foyer was gone.


Food smells in the Department store
A department store could bring the kitchen smells of a restaurant not under control, which harass the surrounding space.Only when a wall of water was installed, the kitchen smells in the sales areas are gone.


Non-performing employees in a perfumery
A larger perfumery resulted in staff cuts, because they could not suffer the constant load with perfume materials in the air.The symptoms included headaches, lack of concentration, and discomfort. When a wall of water was installed, whichremoved the fragrances from the air, the problems were eliminated.


Air humidification


In rooms with dry air suffer the human mucous membranes. Eyes, mouth, nose and skin are tempted by the drying. Dry airinfluenza viruses breed also faster, thereby increasing susceptibility to disease. Most plants won’t keep it in dry air. Wood furniture and floors, as well as inventory can do irreparable damage permanently dry air.


Water walls can increase humidity in dry rooms. Especially in rooms with dry air, the evaporation of the water is particularlyhigh, because the dry air is very happy to host. The greater the evaporation surface when a wall of water, the evaporation ishigher. A rough guideline for evaporating water has arisen in the course of time. At a CA. 40 m² large room ² evaporation surface evaporates litres / day for 24-hour continuous operation per m 3-5. This means that a wide 2 m high and 1 m wallof water has approx. 2 m² of evaporation surface and evaporates thus approx. 6-10 litres / day. The higher the room temperature and the drier the more evaporates the air, and vice versa.


Air dehumidification


The fact that you can also dehumidify the air with a chilled water wall is often unknown. This means that the water leveldoes not, fall but rise and must be dissipated controlled! The reason for this is that condenses moisture the coldest point inthe room. For example, you experience this effect when you get a cold drink from the fridge, and then makes a few minutesto drain the bottle. You can achieve this effect, if it is connected to the water system of the water wall with a second largecontainer in a refrigerated room or cool basement, or if it also cools the water through a cooling pipe. A such cooling measure must be carefully designed by a professional so that no unwanted condensation water bodies form. Adehumidification of the air can be a very pleasant relief especially in hot and humid days.


Water walls enhance the Feng Shui


The most Feng Shui books and consultants recommend a fountain or a water feature in the or at the House, increasing thelife energy and generate wealth. Therefore, it is not surprising that most Asian restaurants, an aquarium or a fountain is available, because Feng Shui is a widespread belief in Asia. According to Feng Shui, water the life energy increases, andwhere life energy flows, also money flows they say in China. In addition, water symbolizes communication, so that a wall ofwater to improve the communication in the area with running water. However, the direction, the elements and the directionof flow of the water play an important role. So for example the water should flow always to the House so that life energyand money to the House and not the other way around. Also, no red colors should be used for water walls because thecolor red for fire and fights the element of water. If you are interested in Feng Shui, it should consider add a Feng Shuiconsultant in the choice of the site and the design of a wall of water.
Automatic water wall systems with low maintenance

You can filling, filtering dirt and water treatment at a wall of water as far as, automate that only about 1-2 x per year arenecessary maintenance or care. It is necessary that a water supply and a drain are available so that evaporating water with afloat valve can be refilled. The outflow of reverse osmosis serves as overflow protection, emptying possibility and a drain forthe water. The reverse osmosis unit descaled water before it enters the fountain circle. A very fine membrane lets throughonly the purest water in almost “distilled water” quality. Water molecules that do not want to dispose of particles, not passthe membrane of reverse osmosis and as hot water into the drain. So that no algae, bacteria and organic mucus can makein the water wall, a water additive against algae and bacteria is dosed in addition a dosing device. A sponge filter, sand bed filter or non-woven filter removes dirt from the water so that the water and the water wall remain pretty clear and clean.

1 tray, 2 flood area, 3. inflow to the water wall, 4 water mirror, 5th film of water on flood area, 6 return to the Tecnikbecken,large pumps 7 circulation pump to a water wall, small pumps 8 circulation pump to the filter, 9 flow to the filter, 10 reflux offilter technology pool, 11 dirt filter, 12 technology pool, 13 float valve, 14 reverse osmosis, 15 canisters with water additiveagainst lime, algae and bacteria, 16 dispenser for water additive , 17 outlet with FI 0.03 ampere, 18 fresh water supply, 19runoff, 20 overflow protection technology pools

No splashing water and no noise

One can construct any water wall so by basically, one hears virtually nothing of the sound or the pump. But if a splashing sound is desired, one can produce this artificially. Professional fountain and pond pumps are nowadays refined andsmooth-running, most often they hardly heard. In addition, you can accommodate the pump in a separate container inanother room so even, no pumping noise are more audible.

Since no free falling water is produced when a wall of water, but a closed film of water on a surface is liable, no flow noisecan hear my and it avoids splashing water.

A wall of water can be built very compact

The construction depth of a water wall itself is only about 5-10cm, plus the collecting tray, which required 15-35 cm deepdepending on the technology. Either to build the wall of water as complete, self-supporting part such as a piece offurniture that you can also move. Or to integrate the water wall in the building by invisibly attached as the flood area in thesuspended ceiling and the floor and wall, laid the cables in the hollow floor and in the ceiling. This variant is particularlypopular, as the viewer of course wondering where did the water come from and where will it disappear? This intensifies theimpressive effect of a wall of water that was integrated into the building.

Great heights of wall of water are possible

A wall of water is higher, the more impressive it looks. A very nice refreshing and fascinating element may be in rooms withhigh ceilings and staircases. Especially if the architecture and design is cool and edgy, a wall of water has a harmonizingand natural effect and can improve the atmosphere in the building, because people feel naturally well located near water.

Application of a company logo as adhesive tape, digital printing or in sand blasting

To strengthen the corporate identity or brand communication, you can attach a company logo or slogan on and behindwalls of water, which is washed by water. This is very popular, because if there is already a looker, many customers want totake this opportunity to promote. The most common variants of the logo are multi-colored, waterproof adhesive films,digital prints behind glass and solid sand blasting logos on glass or stainless steel surfaces. On stone plates, you can installalso laser-etched logos made of stainless steel and engage.

Interchangeable motifs as a background in water walls of glass

The advantage of a glass wall of water is that you can bring back removable digital pressure on the dry back of the glass.Or uses the underlying wall and affix a picture there. In this way, you remain flexible and can again replace the images ifnecessary.


Why are water walls so popular?


Why does water positively on the space and the mind? Why feel employees and customers in the vicinity of running water?Because it is stored in our genes for we survive with water water is a ‘friend’. Therefore we feel close to waterautomatically probably. And who feels comfortable, communicates better. Flowing water moves, cleans and humidifies theair, resulting in a healthy indoor climate in addition. Especially in the cold season, this is important, because influenza viruses in dry air recolonization. With today’s technology water walls run fully automatically without maintenance up to 6months by itself. In this way, the wall of water remains a beautiful eye-catcher, without lime, algae, or bacteria. Unlike water walls can be used to fountains and water objects, space-saving and imposing scene. Sparkling waves of water on glass,stone or stainless steel shoot and make no noise. A well planned lighting enhances the effect. Glass water walls areparticularly well suited as a room divider. Offer privacy, transparency and at the same time beautify and liven up the room.


Various water wall variations


Wall of water glass


Wall of water glass, 5x5m without frame
Wall of water glass, 5x5m without frame
Glass acts as a building material lightly and clearly and breathes a refreshing and stylish atmosphere as a wall of water.Especially with dark background or in conjunction with lighting develops intriguing optical effect the glass water wall andpulls the viewer captivated. Ideal as a room divider, because the optics of both sides equally beautiful effect. A wall of wateron glass is a very popular variant, because the mirror also reflects ambient light, making the water reflections are amplified.




Use best always toughened safety glass when your water wall especially in terms of public safety and make sure that theglass does not water repellent impregnated by the manufacturer with Lotus effect or nano technology. Double glass withcolor or security films in between are unsuitable in the long term, because in the course of time water penetrates betweenthe glass plate and leaves ugly marks.


Clean the glass in any case thoroughly from grease and dirt before you befluten it. Water walls made of glass, it isimportant to install a good protection, because dirt can quickly be seen on a glass surface from lime, algae and dirt.


Gallery glass water walls


Water wall stone


Jura yellow granite with grooves
Water wall natural stone Jura yellow granite with grooves
The water wall of natural stone is the natural variant, which achieved a calming and balancing effect on the mind.According to Feng Shui, stone is the element, the water control and also you will feel how harmonious the combinationacts. The stone wall of water is ideal for rooms with lots of stainless steel.




We use only lime-free types of stone such as granite and there only dark varieties most customers prefer black granite as.for example Nero Assoluto, who gets a beautiful natural and organic look with a flamed and brushed surface. Make surethat the stone is not water resistant with impregnated by the manufacturer. Important: keep in mind that most types ofstone are to absorb! A damp surface and mold can arise on the back of the stone. You can prevent this by you impregnatethe back of the water wall impervious to water.


The Gallery of water walls made of natural stone


Water wall stainless steel


Water wall stainless steel Central Hotel Zurich
Water wall stainless steel, 4x5m
Stainless steel is an exclusive material and the ideal background, which gives you a refreshing, energizing feeling with itscool look. Finely processed, stainless steel is high quality and purist ideal upscale ambience to put the finishing touches.Suitable to stone or light earth tones this variant provides the ideal contrast and brings the water flow beautifully into itsown. V2A is usually sufficient for the normal usage of a wall of water. Should the environment chlorinated or salt occur inV4A is advisable. The most popular type of surface in stainless steel water walls are matte ground. Alternatively, you canuse also polished stainless steel.




Stainless steel panels are mostly oil residues on the surface, water repellent effect, preventing that a surface water film canform. Degrease the surface therefore with a suitable degreasing (we recommend Tec7), before you carry out a test run. As well as in glass, a good water treatment is important, with a stainless steel surface, because you very well can see lime, dirtand algae also in stainless steel water walls.


The Gallery of water walls stainless


Modes of operation of a water wall


The manual operation of a water wall


Manually means that you refill the evaporated water by hand and give a water additive against algae and bacteria in thewater also by hand. A wall of water can evaporate 30-100 litres of water per week depending on the size and room climate.That’s why look in designing a manual wall of water, to build a large tray, at least for a week not must be filled up. The tubis too small and large evaporation, can it happen to you that you almost daily have to refill water, do not dry running thepump thus.


To operate an average water wall or a wall fountain, you need only a normal socket as a prerequisite. The following pointsshould be noted:


Power supply:
When walls of water up to approx. 10 m² flood area, always a 220V-Stromanschluß is sufficient. This should be properlygrounded. In the public sector, he must be provided with a separate 0.03 ampere GFCI.


Power consumption:
Depending on the size of the fountain, the power consumption of circulating pumps approximately 40 150watts.


Water connection:
A faucet with a manually operated water wall is not necessary, but very practical. Since you often must pour to 30-100 litreper week due to evaporation depending on the size of the fountain, the faucet saves manual filling by watering can orhose, by simply opening the faucet and waits until the Pan is full. Should you forget to close the tap, the drip pan mayoverflow. Therefore you should install either an overflow protection or a float valve, so that that can happen.


1 tray, 2 flood area, 3. circulation pump pumps the water wall, 4 water level, 5 inlet to the water wall, 6 film of water onflood area, 7 outlet with FI 0.03 ampere
1 tray, 2 flood area, 3. circulation pump pumps the water wall, 4 water level, 5 inlet to the water wall, 6 film of water onflood area, 7 outlet with FI 0.03 ampere
The automatic operation of a water wall


Automatic water inlet:
The fountain filled permanently automatically. The inlet is regulated either by float valve mechanically or takes place atintervals by means of additional timer up to a set level. In both cases, an overflow protection is necessary. That is, shouldstop due to a defect of the float valve the water supply in a timely manner, the can water sure overflow into the drain,without that it can overflow basin and caused a flood.


Best use a reverse osmosis unit, turn the automatic filling through the float valve. In this way, your fountain will be only withwater filled. Please note however that a reverse osmosis removed only about 99.9% of the lime and the 0.01% can stillcause lime deposits in the course of time. It is therefore advisable to decalcify the unit from time to time even if a upstreamof reverse osmosis.


In addition, use a water additive which prevents the limestone in the spiking or decalcify your water wall every few monthswith a de-scaler or vinegar essence, which enter in the well water and CA during operation 1 h let. Then you do a water change.


Water additive against algae and bacteria dosing system:
So that no bacteria, algae and organic mucus can make, you should have a dosing device every day add a water addition inthe well water. Use only proven and tested water additives, which destroy not the surface tension of the water. Otherwise, itcan happen that the film of water completely or partially cancels and is only a loud babbling, splashing and pointed water jet. You have no water wall but a waterfall and perform a complete water change and cleaning of the water wall, so thatyou get a proper distribution of water.


Dirt filter:
Because the well water constantly cleans the air and absorb particulate matter, it is always dirty in the course of time. Toachieve the best possible protection filtering, you should use a system that either removes the dirt about a reverse rinsing function or mechanically takes out of the water.


We recommend that your water wall in continuous operation at let we advise against a timer. A daily stop-and-go leadsto faster wear on the pump and may cause by drying of dirt particles of to uneven flow and unwanted dirt points.


Installation types:


You can put a pump in the water or dry set it up. Please bear in mind that the water level drops constantly by theevaporation of water, and if no water is added, a pump can run dry and thus be destroyed. You can avoid this by installingan additional dry run protection. When the dry set up an additional risk from leaking connections.




Most pumps offer the possibility to control the flow. However, these valves and controls are usually not very effectivebecause admit no fine setting and often you may not fully close it. That’s why we recommend a flow control with a ball valve on the pressure side of the pump, you can install even more accessible outside of the water. Also a finer setting is ahigh-quality ball valve offers better accessibility.


Larger pumps offer the possibility for the speed control with a controller or dimmer. The advantage is the lower power consumption and reduced wear of the pump however, the settings are not as refined as a ball valve.


What to look for




If you use ordinary tap water, your fountain will calcify depending on the lime content sooner or later. Water flow can beaffected so that cancels the water film, or it can come in the worst case even to floods. Above all, suffers from the pump, ifis limescale forming. First she loses power and at the end she will stop. Unfortunately, you can no longer save the pump inmost cases.




Operate your water wall at best only with water. This can be rainwater, distilled water, or water from a reverse osmosis plant. If you have no water, lime-free, use a water additive that prevents lime deposits. Alternatively, you can use more often a de-scaler or vinegar essence, to dissolve the calcium deposits before they cause harm.




Their wall of water purifies the air by suspended particles. This is mainly dust and dust consists mainly of organic materialsuch as skin residue etc. More particulate matter in the air are pollen, but also insects and natural scents. In addition, thewater binds the particulate matter in the air, produced by exhaust fumes or printer. Their air is cleaned so very effectively,however the water in the well is contaminated as a result. Accumulation of dirt in the water and the pump can be avoided ifyou change the water frequently or use an effective dirt filter technique. Sponge filters that get them in the Aquariumbusiness are the easiest. In aquaria, see also internal and external filters for aquariums, can be used depending on the sizewell in water walls and fountains. Also, such sponge filters are well suited to prevent noise and to avoid splashing. As yourwater wall grows, it absorbs more particulate matter from the air and the faster will pollute the water and the material. I.e.the larger the water wall, the more effective the dirt filtering should. With increasing size, we recommend simple sponge filter cartridge filter, multi-tiered pond filter, sand bed filter and non-woven filter. A water wall will be an eye-catcher, aneye-catcher. You dirty however, is quick to the way eye-catcher.


Algae and bacteria


Sooner or later be formed algae and bacteria in the water and multiply if you would not prevent. Algae spores can enterthrough the air or by contact with contaminated material in the water. Most algae species multiply when exposed tosunlight, nutritious and low-oxygen water the fastest. So the more dirt and organic substances in the system of your water wall and the there are fewer oxygen or water movement, the more algae to grow. Therefore, we recommend that even at night running water wall, because standing water faster tips and putrid than like flowing water, because water absorbsmore oxygen.




Make frequent water changes, or use a water additive against algae and bacteria. A UV lamp can remedy also but thiscleans only the over water and in the medium term can not prevent algae and slime on the surface of the water wall.



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