Stripes fountain

Waterwall as stripes fountain

The water on an approx. 4 mm wide and transparent nylon thread flows down in a Fadenbrunnen. This is hard to miss andacts like a freely falling water beam, comparable to a natural waterfall, but without the disadvantages of injection water andnoise. The special feature of this type of water fountain is that it does not recognize the thread at first and even secondglance during operation. It looks as if it were a free falling, only 5 mm thick water jet. Fadenbrunnen offer a free fallingwater wall many optical advantages and have a low-maintenance and low-maintenance technique. They can be built tovery high levels and still space-saving work.

Also, the Fadenbrunnen technique is still not very widespread and little known. That’s why a Fadenbrunnen water wall has aparticularly fascinating and unique effect, because most people have still never seen. Also, the amazement in the Viewer isgreat, because the water falls actually much too slowly, for it is supposedly free almost all people touching the water jetand are surrounded, and then completely surprised when they realize that it is a nylon line, which carries the water.

As between the jets, space is approx. 3, 5 cm, providing a light and refreshing atmosphere of Fadenbrunnen and is also anideal solution for air humidification by the large evaporation surface. The advantage in a Fadenbrunnen water wall is thatone can implement great heights with little material and installation costs. Imagine only, you wanted to build large water wall of natural stone a 10x10m several tonnes of stone, which must move and fix would be. A Fadenbrunnen, however,requires only an about 10m long and only approx. 10x10cm wide head piece the rest is made of featherweight nylon thread!


If you use brass Fadendüsen, it may be with some additions of water or distilled water oxidation and discoloration of thenozzle and the water. We recommend stainless steel Fadendüsen these are beautiful and long-lasting.

The advantages of this technology:

intriguing optical effect
low maintenance
no splash
small basin are possible
low-noise operation is possible
great heights can be installed with little effort